Hot Oil Hydraulic Flushing

Hot Oil Hydraulic Flushing

Xiom specialise in the flushing and testing of new and existing pipe and plant installations, umbilicals wellheads, BOP’s, actuators on or offshore where the cleanliness of oil and fuel lines, supply pipes and umbilicals is critical.

Our equipment has the latest in flushing technology with our hot oil pulsation systems ranging from 5 LPM to 1500LPM flow rates with on-board particle counters to ensure the correct ISO/NAS cleanliness is reached.

NORMAL HYDRAULIC SYSTEMS WILL NOT FLUSH A SYSTEM WITH LAMINAR FLOW, so Xiom’s engineers will tailor the system to achieve a Reynolds Value greater than 4000 to ensure correct flushing is achieved.

We can also offer a hydraulic oil de-watering purifying service on or off site for contaminated oil.

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